Token Revocation Notification

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In this medium, I will be presenting you an info-graphic illustrating the Token Revocation Notification process flow of WSO2 API Manager v3.2.0.

In a brief, API Manager v3.2.0 provides a new feature to revoke the Token caches in the Gateway node using Event-Driven architecture. Once the token is revoked by the Key Manager component, an event is published to all subscribed Gateway nodes through the Traffic Manager component to clear the Token caches and to store the Revoked tokens in a Revoked cache. This is to ensure that a revoked JWT token cannot be used again in the Gateway nodes.

You can find the high-quality SVG of the following infographic at StackCheats

Hope the presented illustration helps you to understand the flow of Token Revocation and retrieval of revoked tokens during the server startup in WSO2 API Manager v3.2.0.

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Athiththan Kathirgamasegaran

Athiththan Kathirgamasegaran

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